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For Fingerprint-Based State and FBI Background Checks

Thank you for choosing Accurate Biometrics for your fingerprinting needs. There are many reasons individuals across the globe choose Accurate Biometrics for their fingerprint processing needs:

  • We have nearly 20 years fingerprinting experience.
  • Our service is fast, secure and reliable.
  • We are experts in processing fingerprints for international clients.
  • We receive applications daily from delivery services and countries around the world.
  • We process fingerprint cards the same day to ensure expedited service to all our customers.

Our International fingerprinting services are divided into two categories:

1) FBI Personal Background Checks / Departmental Order 556-73

To meet requirements for background checks and VISAs for US Citizens and permanent residents to live, work or study outside the United States and to ensure that your record is accurate and up-to-date. Also known as Identity History Summary (IDHS), or FBI Self Report or Rap Sheet*.

Accurate Biometrics is proud to say we were the first FBI approved channeler to offer this personal FBI Report or Rap Sheet to individuals. With our expedited service, an individual can now receive their personal FBI Rap Sheet within 24 hours of fingerprint receipt. Every day we process fingerprints to the FBI for Visa applications and extensions that arrive from over 70 countries around the globe. We have an easy-to-use customer web portal for quick retrieval of the FBI Report Rap Sheet.

Special user agreement pricing available for groups, schools and agencies. Please contact the Account Management Team at 773-685-5832 or email jmester@accuratebiometrics.com to get details on saving money for your agency or organization.

FBI Fingerprinting Processing By Mail

2) Fingerprint-based Background Checks for state licensure, legislative requirements, or employment

For people outside the US seeking licensure to work in Illinois or Florida

For those required to process fingerprint-based background checks in Illinois or Florida, follow the links below to send fingerprint cards for processing.

Please note: additional forms may need be to be submitted in addition to fingerprint cards for individual state requirements. Consult the agency or organization directing you for more details.

For Licensure or Employment in Illinois

For Licensure or Employment in Florida


*What is a “rap sheet”?

Your rap sheet, or criminal record on file with the FBI, is based on fingerprint submissions received and retained by the FBI. Your FBI rap sheet may also contain disposition data which is not fingerprint based, if reported to the FBI and the FBI maintains the associated arrest record(s) supported by fingerprints. The rap sheet you receive from the FBI may include information reported to the FBI from any source including local, state and federal agencies who submit fingerprint-based transactions to the FBI for retention. The rap sheet is only a snapshot in time, containing retained information at the time of your “Departmental Order” fingerprint-based inquiry. Your rap sheet will include reported arrests, dispositions and correctional transactions supported by fingerprints. The FBI rap sheet may also contain “wanted” / “warrant” information reported from other law enforcement entities, when reported.

To download a copy of the standard FBI FD-258 card for printing, click here