No, None of our Accurate Biometrics Illinois locations require an appointment. Please click here to find the location closest to you. You can walk into any of our Illinois locations during the scheduled hours.

Yes. Federal Departmental Order DO 556-73 allows that any individual may request a Copy of a Record (or proof that a record does not exist). Only you can request a copy of your own Identification Record. Accurate Biometrics was the first channeling agency in the country to be approved for this service on July 21, 2011.

Individuals typically make this request for personal review, to challenge the information on record, to satisfy a requirement for adopting a child in the U.S. or internationally, or to satisfy a requirement to live, work or travel in a foreign country (i.e., police certificate, letter of good conduct, criminal history background, etc.).

To obtain your individual FBI response, you can visit any one of our fingerprint locations in Illinois or mail a completed FBI form 258 fingerprint card along with a completed fingerprint authorization form. Click the following link for instructions on how to obtain your FBI criminal history response. Link To FBI Criminal History Report

No. Each time you are fingerprinted, your results are sent to the requesting agency/ employer. Your records are maintained by that agency and your criminal background will be updated in accordance with the state law. Each employer/agency that requires fingerprinting maintains their own database with the Illinois state Police and a new set of fingerprints is required by state law every time a criminal background check is requested.
Your fingerprints will be processed by the Illinois state Police, who then sends them on to the FBI for further processing on the federal level. Your results from the Illinois state Police and FBI will be released independently to the requesting agency by the Illinois state Police. If the requesting agency does not receive complete results from both the Illinois state Police and FBI, you should contact the Illinois state Police Customer Service Department at 815-740-5160 with your TCN number from your receipt. They will be able to provide you with details regarding when and where your results were sent.
The cost of your fingerprints depends on the purpose of the fingerprint. Please visit the Illinois Services home page to find your fingerprinting purpose, or call our Customer Service support team at 866-361-9944.
We accept all major credit cards, money orders, cashier’s checks, company/agency checks and pre-approved billing terms. We DO NOT accept cash or personal checks.
  1. Drink lots of water starting the day prior to your fingerprinting. (Note: caffeine and alcohol can both dehydrate you.)

  2. Apply oil-free moisturizing lotion (such as an aloe-based lotion) to your hands a couple of times the day before and again the morning of your fingerprinting visit. (Limit excessive hand washing with hot water and harsh soaps.)

  3. Keep your hands out of water for long periods – dishwashing, swimming (especially salt water), long baths, etc. – prior to fingerprinting.

  4. Cool your hands before coming in for your fingerprinting visit. (For example, on hot humid days, try bringing and holding a can of cold soda.)

  5. If your hands tend to be sweaty, bringing a paper towel along to help absorb excess moisture will help.

You can review the complete FBI Guide to Identity Verification here.

Primary Accepted Forms of Photo Identification:
  • State-issued driver’s license*
  • U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card
  • Federal Government Personal Identity Verification Card (PIV)
  • Uniformed Services Identification Card
  • Department of Defense Common Access Card
  • Foreign Passport with Appropriate Immigration Document(s)
  • USCIS - Permanent Resident Card (I-551)
  • USCIS - Employment Authorization Card (I-766)
  • Federal, state, or local government agency ID card with photograph
  • U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card
  • Canadian driver’s license

For those applicants without a driver’s license, a state identification card may be presented if the state’s identification card standards are the same as for the driver’s license.

Secondary Accepted Forms of Identity (2 are required):
In the absence of a primary identification, applicants may provide at least 2 secondary identification documents including:
  • State Government Issued Certificate of Birth
  • U.S. Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Identification Card
  • Native American tribal document
  • Social Security Card
  • Court Order for Name Change/Gender Change/Adoption/Divorce
  • Marriage Certificate (Government Certificate Issued)
  • U.S. Government Issued Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • Draft record
  • School ID with photograph
  • Certificate of Citizenship (N-560)
  • Replacement Certificate of Citizenship (N-561)
  • Certificate of Naturalization (N-550)
  • Replacement Certificate of Naturalization (N-570)

When validating the authenticity of secondary identification documents and forms, the data and information may be supported by at least two of the following current documents:
  • Utility Bill (Address)
  • Jurisdictional Voter Registration Card
  • Vehicle Registration Card/Title
  • Paycheck Stub with Name/Address*
  • Jurisdictional Public Assistance Card
  • Spouse/Parent Affidavit

Fingerprints are processed on average between 24-48 hours (state and FBI response times) after they are received by the Illinois state Police. If the Illinois state Police cannot make an immediate determination of the background check, they will send a notification to the requesting agency that the results are “in process”. For an “in process” response, it means further processing is required to determine if conviction data is available. Processing time is approximately 30 days. Most responses are sent within 48 hours after being received by the Illinois state Police. UCIA requests require that the Illinois state Police mail the results to the Requestor listed by the applicant which may take 5-10 business days. IDPH requests are emailed to the requesting facility’s PRA email address and also updated on the IDPH web portal.
  • ISP can regenerate a UCIA response for 30 days from time of receipt by ISP.
  • ISP can regenerate a Fee App response for 90 days from time of receipt by ISP.

To contact the Illinois state Police (ISP) directly to follow up on your results, their office number is 815-740-5160, ext. 2. You will need the TCN number from your fingerprinting receipt.

The results are sent directly to the agency that is requesting the fingerprinting. The results are not sent to the individual being fingerprinted (unless the individual is the one requesting a UCIA fingerprint for themselves or submits an individual fingerprint card request to the FBI pursuant to Departmental Order DO 556-73). You may request a copy of your FBI criminal history record from the requesting agency, employer or licensing agency. Accurate Biometrics does not receive responses from the fingerprint background checks for any submissions sent to the ISP for processing. Accurate Biometrics does receive the responses for submissions sent directly to the FBI (Channeling and Departmental Order) and will disseminate the response to the individual or attorney.
You can obtain a copy of your criminal conviction background on file with the Illinois state Police by submitting a UCIA (Uniform Conviction Information Act) background check. Pursuant to the Uniform Conviction Information Act of 1991, all individuals are permitted to request their conviction criminal background on file with the state of Illinois. The FBI requires agencies who obtain FBI criminal history records pursuant to a fingerprint submission to make the criminal history available to the applicant upon request.
For all Illinois Fee App and UCIA submissions, Accurate Biometrics does not receive the ISP/FBI response. You must contact your agency or employer directly. Some helpful contact numbers are:
  • Department of Professional Regulations- 217-782-8556 (Loan originators, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Security Guards, etc.)
  • Department of Consumer Services- 217-746-4444 (Chicago Cab drivers, Limousine Drivers, Chauffeurs License)
  • Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH): 217-785-5133
  • For Departmental Order 556-73 (Individual FBI response): Contact Accurate Biometrics 866-361-9944

Contact Accurate Biometrics at 866-361-9944 to confirm a successful transmission to the Illinois state Police. Accurate Biometrics will provide you with the date and time that the record was successfully received by the ISP. With this information, you must contact the Illinois state Police Bureau of Identification and let Customer Service know the TCN, date and time of receipt by ISP via phone 815-740-5160 or E-mail:

It is very important that you notify Accurate Biometrics within 15 days if your agency did not receive your response. The Illinois state Police will only regenerate a UCIA response within 30 days of a print date and a Fee App within 90 days of print date. After these time frames, neither Accurate Biometrics nor the Illinois state Police are responsible for fingerprint response dissemination.

No. Fingerprint responses must be mailed, faxed or emailed to the requesting agency depending on how the results were originally contracted with the Illinois state Police. The Illinois state Police will not give out any background check information over the phone.
You must call the Illinois state Police Customer Service Line at 815-740-5160, option 2. You will be asked to provide the date of fingerprinting and your TCN number (the number on your receipt that references your fingerprint transaction) to check the progress of your background check response.
  • Missing or incorrect data – When this occurs the data is corrected and the record is resubmitted to ISP. This does not require action by the applicant.
  • Poor quality due to age of the applicant, previous work history (brick layer, gardener, teacher). When a print record is rejected due to poor quality, the applicant must be reprinted in an attempt to obtain fingerprint images of a higher quality.
  • Missing, deformed or bandaged fingers.
You should contact the Illinois state Police Customer Service department at 815-740-5160. They will inform you of the “Access and Review Record” procedure that outlines the steps you will need to follow to challenge your criminal record.